Patio/Walkways * Water Features * Outdoor Kitchens/ BBQ Islands * Pavillons * Decks * Retaining Walls * Driveways/Stoops/Landings * Plant designs


Industry Standards

As one of the leaders in the landscape industry on Long Island, Smith Brothers is one of the largest paver installers.  We provide complete masonry services to residents throughout  Nassau and Suffolk counties.  Our highly educated staff has extensive knowledge of today’s building codes and guidelines.

Licensed & Insured

Smith Brothers is fully licensed and insured in both Nassau and Suffolk Counties.

3D Designs

Our talented staff will prepare a 3D design of your project using today’s technology.  Customers are able to see the final design before construction even begins

Quality Guarantee

All paver patio/walkways are guaranteed for ten(10) years against settling and shifting.

Owner Operated

The President and owner of Smith brothers is directly involved on every project.  He is in constant contact with the design and installation staff through all phases of the project.